Hello and welcome to Rebecca’s life lessons!


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Harris and I am in my third year at UNC Wilmington. I am in the process of earning my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Arts with a double minor in Mathematics and Journalism. I am 20 years old and I live on campus during the school year and off campus during the summer and school breaks with my family in the very small country town in which I was born. Growing up in a small town entails many things but, most importantly, you learn lessons growing up that some people don’t get to learn until they are in their 20’s or out on their own. I matured fairly quickly and, similar to my mother, I left the house as soon as I was able.

This blog is mainly for me to, not only gain more experience writing in a more personal form, but to tell other people of some of the mistakes or experiences I had, which can be entertaining, humorous, and depressing all at the same time, and to warn them that yes, life is tough, but it is soo worth the fight.

I hope you enjoy my blog!